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Mommy what is Living in My Heart?


  • Handmade item
  • Materials: Hard cover, Cards, Book, Interactive
  • Ships worldwide from United States


What is that sensation? You know the one. It’s that deep feeling trying to tell us something. Some refer to it as gut instinct, intuition or their heart. When we are aware and open to this sensation, a choice can be made to listen and let it guide us. We are all born intuitively knowing to listen to our hearts and naturally act on those instincts. As we go through life, have experiences and interact with others, we may begin to doubt the self-messages we receive. We often look to others for what is right or wrong; sometimes ignoring ourselves.

I experienced this “doubting” while working with children and adults and was inspired to write this book and companion cards. They both are a fun, playful way to interact with your children while assisting them in maintaining, or recapturing, their awareness.

Walk with me on this journey committed to teaching self-confidence and the power of trusting our hearts. We are all born with it, now let’s choose to be aware and listen to it again.

Michelle Waller

Full Colored, Hard Cover 10×8.5 inches